Happy Birthday, Lizzy. There are no words that could describe my love for you and how much you mean to me. I’ve never seen a person in music business so sweet and so fragile. I love everything about you. You have such a big heart, you’re so simple but you never fail to amaze us. June 4th was the day I saw you for the first time. You were my first concert experience and I still can’t believe I saw you with my own eyes. You’re so beautiful. More than just beautiful. I was crying like a pig the whole time but you know how much you and your songs mean to me. Seeing you smile made me so happy. You love us so much, it’s hard to understand. You read all letters that you get, you’re dedicated to us, just like we are to you. It seems like you’re not real. You can’t be this beautiful but you are. You’re such a crazy experience in my little world. My life is so boring honestly but you made it thousand times better. And yes, I will love you even if you will no longer be young and beautiful. I love you. Everything about you. I hope you’ll stay with us forever, darling. <3

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Sabe o que é? É que eu me canso fácil. Enjoou rápido das coisas, das pessoas, das roupas, dos livros, das músicas e das histórias. Daí eu mudo, eu sigo, eu pulo, eu empurro, eu enxugo, eu emburro, eu apago. Depois recomeçam as histórias, as invenções, os desejos e as memórias. Essa vida é mesmo de reviravoltas. Eu sou mesmo inconstante.

Heaven’s in your eyes

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Hoje eu acordei com a minha vida doendo.